Exciting News!!

     Anastasia founded Hope for Horses Equine Rescue, Inc. twenty years ago because of her desire to help animals.  During this time, the rescue has placed over 560 horses, 60 dogs, and 19 cats.  Anastasia took that desire to an even higher level by studying to become a veterinarian.  She was accepted into Texas A&M's College of Veterinary Medicine, and she graduated on May 13, 2015.

      As a result, we will be running the rescue out of foster homes without the central location in Blue Ridge.  Anastasia will still be overseeing and taking an active part in the rescue; but, with foster homes taking care of the horses on a daily basis, she will have time to devote to her veterinarian duties.  Although the structure of the rescue will be different, Hope for Horses Equine Rescue is, and will continue to be, a functioning rescue


Contact Anastasia for more information at info@hopeforhorses.com