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If you are interested in adopting or fostering any of these equine, please send an email to info@hopeforhorses.com or call us at 940-368-2072 and reference to the equine's name or number.  The adoption fee for equine on this page is as listed for each individual equine.  As of January 1, 2020 we are required to collect sales tax on all adoption fees and miscellaneous items we sell.  Note - all equine will have a negative Coggins, and the following vaccinations: EWT, W.Nile, flu/rhino, and rabies.  Unless otherwise stated, the males have been gelded. 

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Skye's Firstchance aka Jenny - Adopted!!


                                                          Pictures taken June 2012                                          Picture taken July 2013


Photos taken February 19, 2018



   Jenny was born on April 13, 2003.  Although Jenny is a registered Paint Horse, her breeding is 3/4 Thoroughbred.  Jenny stands well for grooming and bathing, and she knows how to longe.  Jenny does well at the walk, trot, and canter. Jenny had an episode of laminitis in October of 2016, but she is fully recovered from it. We have refreshed Jenny's ground training, and now we are refreshing Jenny's undersaddle training. She tries hard to please her rider.   Jenny is not a spooky type of horse, so we anticipate she can be a good trail horse. Jenny is located in Sugar Land, TX.

Ella - Adopted!! 

                     Photo taken  2014                                        Photo taken July 2015             



Ella is a 17 year old registered Arabian mare.  She is easy to catch and stands well for the farrier.  Ella has a sweet personality and gets along well with horses and people.  She likes to eat carrots, apples, and even watermelon!  Ella has a history of cutaneous habronemiasis, which can flare up in hot weather.  Diligent fly control and regular deworming can keep this situation under control.  Ella is broke to ride but hasn't been ridden in five years.  Information about her riding ability will be added after she is evaluated.  If you're looking for a horse that will bond to you and especially to your other horses, Ella is the one for you!           


L13 Lilly

                                    Photo taken Sept 2010        Photo taken May 2010                      Photo taken March 2012


Lilly was acquired with 64 ponies from a neglect situation in Lewisville, TX.  Lilly is friendly if she knows you, but she is very shy around strangers. Lilly was green broke to ride, and she had lots of energy and good forward motion when being ridden.  However, Lilly has not been ridden in a long time, so she will need an experienced rider or trainer to refresh and then continue her training. Lilly would benefit very much with a patient adopter who would give her the time she needs to learn to trust people. Once trained, Lilly could be a great working pony for the right adopter.  Lilly is a good looking mare with great potential.  

L19 Drake - Adopted! 

           Photo taken June 2011                Photo taken July 2011              Photo taken summer 2015   


                                                                   Photo taken Jan. 2016


Drake is not broke to ride, but he has had extensive ground training.  He could be trained for driving or riding or both.  Drake loves to be brushed, but he doesn't like his ears to be touched.  He is good with the farrier, and he does fine with kids and dogs.  Drake was with the foster mom's donkeys when he first arrived, and they loved him.  Drake is handled daily, so his past training will just need to be refreshed.  Drake is smart and cute and could make a great working pony once trained.   

L22 Wild Thing - Adopted!!

Wild Thing was one of the most difficult ponies we acquired from the neglect situation in Lewisville.  Once he learned to trust people, he progressed wonderfully!  He is no longer a "Wild Thing!"     

                             Picture taken February 2013                   Picture taken July 30, 2013                Picture taken March 2017


Broke to Ride!!

Wild Thing is halter broke, and broke to ride. He is being ridden at a walk, trot, and canter.  He can be longed in both directions with a saddle and bridle.  Wild Thing can be groomed, fly sprayed and bathed, and he stands nicely for the farrier.   Wild Thing loves attention, and he does best when handled and ridden regularly. Wild Thing is not a pony for beginner riders.  

                            L50 Murphy

                                  Pictures taken May 19, 2010                  Picture taken June 2016 


     Murphy was acquired with 64 ponies from a neglect situation in Lewisville, TX.  Murphy is smart and enjoys attention, but she is very unsure of people.  She needs an experienced and patient adopter or trainer to work with her and give her the time she needs to learn to trust peole.  Murphy is halter broke, but she is not broke to ride.  Once Murphy learns to trust, she should progress well in her training.    

L51 Emmett

Photo taken Sept. 2010   Photo taken October 2011   Photo taken April 2012






For any information concerning these equine, please contact Anastasia Keyser by phone at (940) 368-2072 or send an email to info@hopeforhorses.com.

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